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apocalyptic adj
1 prophetic of devastation or ultimate doom [syn: apocalyptical, revelatory]
2 of or relating to an apocalypse

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  • a UK /əˈpɒk.ə.lɪp.tɪk/, /@"pQk.@.lIp.tIk/


  1. Of, or relating to an apocalypse
  2. Portending future disaster, devastation and doom
  3. Revelatory or prophetic

Derived terms


of or relating to an apocalypse
  • Catalan: apocalíptic
  • Dutch: apocalyptisch
  • French: apocalyptique
  • German: apokalyptisch
  • Portuguese: apocalíptico
  • Romanian: apocaliptic
  • Spanish: apocalíptico
portending future disaster
revelatory or prophetic

Extensive Definition

Apocalypticism is a worldview based on the idea that important matters are esoteric in nature ("hidden") and they will soon be revealed in a major confrontation of earth-shaking magnitude that will change the course of history. Apocalypticism can be tied to religious or secular views, and the expected outcome can be seen as positive, negative, or ambiguous. It can appear as a personal and group tendency, outlook, perceptual frame, or rhetorical style; and can lead people toward passivity while awaiting the inevitable end, or active preparation in anticipation of an "apocalyptic" event.
Apocalypticism is a frequent theme of literature, film and television. It also influences political policy through movements such as Christian Zionism, and in the dualism seen when politicians demonize their enemies as wholly bad, evil, or even Satanic. This process often involves conspiracism, in which the apocalyptic enemy is alleged to be engaged in a conspiracy against the good or Godly people.
The tendency was especially evident with the approach of the millennial year 2000, but it need not be tied to a particular calendar date.

Christian premillennial apocalyptic writers

Apocalyptic songs

Millenarian cults

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